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Su di noi

Our company specializes in the production of silver jewellery, handmade with care and passion by highly qualified craftsmen. We are dedicated to finding the best precious and semi-precious stones from all over the world to guarantee our customers uncompromising quality.

Each of our products is unique and handmade, and our commitment to creating high quality jewelery is evident in every detail. We are proud of our craftsmanship and our passion for jewellery, and are committed to creating products that stand out for their beauty and uniqueness.

Our stones are carefully selected to ensure they meet our rigorous quality standards, which include clarity, brilliance, color and size. Each stone is carefully chosen to ensure that it is unique and of the highest quality, resulting in jewels that glow with beauty and luminosity.

We understand that our customers are looking for jewelery that reflects their personal taste and personality, which is why we offer a wide range of one-of-a-kind and personalized jewellery. Our team of designers and craftsmen is at your disposal to create custom-made jewels, which satisfy your every need and desire.

We are happy to share our passion for jewelery with you and we are committed to guaranteeing our customers maximum satisfaction, both in the quality of our products and in the service offered.

The showroom

In the heart of Milan exactly in the fashion district in Corso Venezia 8, the flagship store Ultima Edizione was born in 1998, the flagship of Made in Italy fashion. Give yourself an emotion, come and visit us, discover all our collections. You will find a jewel suitable for every occasion.