The philosophy of Ultima Edizione

LATEST EDITION represents a lifestyle translated into quality choices, quality of the materials used, quality of workmanship and quality of design.

Thanks to these choices, ULTIMA EDIZIONE has reinterpreted the world of jewelry by revolutionizing the old concept with a mixture of flair, imagination and creativity, giving a vote to innovative and refined products, cared for and studied down to the smallest detail. Silver is shaped to give life to emotions to be worn and changed every day, just like clothes. Each jewel produced has its own history, its own character, and is designed and made in harmony with the dynamic and creative taste of the modern woman, with her lifestyle and her desire to reinvent herself every day.


Since 1987 ULTIMA EDIZIONE has been distributing its jewels on the Italian, French, German and Swiss markets with its own sales network, counting today more than 500 customers all over the world.

At the beginning of 1998 the prestigious Italian shop/showroom was opened, located in Milan in Corso Venezia 8, overlooking the fashion district.

How the jewel is born LATEST EDITION

Beautiful, imaginative, always attentive to the fashion factor, but above all of quality, the ULTIMA EDIZIONE jewels are inspired not only by design, but also in the realization, by the world of prestigious jewelry. A design team, inspired by the creations of the most famous and esteemed brands, submits its project, customized with taste and imagination, to the company’s designer who in turn translates it into an image that the skilled and expert hands of the team’s modeler shape into a wax prototype, from which the final jewel will be born.

The collections and materials used

LATEST EDITION with its stores, its corners and the shops where it is distributed, offers 2 collections a year, related to the world of fashion, presented in January for the spring-summer season and in July for the autumn-winter season. The rich catalogue now boasts over 2,000 exclusive pieces. The material used, 925‰ silver, is combined with semi-precious stones, white and colored zircons and a vast assortment of natural, freshwater or shell pearls.