So that our creations can embellish your fingers in the best possible way, Ultima Edizione has created this guide to help you find the perfect size for your ring. We remind you that the fit of the rings may vary depending on the model, as certain processes, carried out by hand, can increase or reduce the fit, as well as the presence of a stone or a decorative element. The guidelines, reported below, are therefore intended to be a reference to guide your choice starting from the International Measurement Conversion Table.


Before proceeding, we recommend that you make sure that this page has been printed correctly. Using a ruler, you can check the print aspect ratio by aligning it with the Reference Scale below. If the measurement does not match, the latest edition suggests that you check your print settings and print this guide again.


Place a ring in your possession, whose size corresponds to the desired one, on the Measurement Sheet, trying to find a correspondence as faithful as possible between the internal circumference of your jewel and one of the circles shown in the Sheet. The reference size is the one shown inside the identified circle; if you are undecided between two sizes, Ultima Edizione recommends preferring the one with a larger diameter.


Once you have found the reference size, you can choose the size of the ring you want directly from the product page. Before adding the ring to the cart and proceeding with the purchase, you can select the size through the drop-down menu where the list of available sizes is shown.